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The Sport Rehabilitator offers the individual unique skills to allow continued optimal participation in their chosen activity. The information below outlines the domains, tasks, knowledge and skill statements, which delineate the role of the GSR.

A Graduate Sport Rehabilitator (GSR) is a graduate level autonomous healthcare practitioner specialising in musculoskeletal management, exercise based rehabilitation and fitness.

Sports & Occupational Injury Treatment

Alternative Therapies

Sports Massage

Injury Prevention

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Sports and occupational injury treatment,

Sports Massage

Whatever your injury, sports rehabilitation can help…

A sports rehabilitator has the necessary skills to diagnose all musculoskeletal injuries including:-

Once a diagnosis is made an individual treatment plan can be devised using he following techniques;

Sports massage can be beneficial to everyone, not just the sporting population.

Not only can it be used alongside other techniques during treatment, but also as an individual therapy. So whether you want to ease those aching muscles, or just want to relax and feel good, why not try a sports massage.

For athletes, massage can be used before, during and after match day and training.

But what does massage actually do?

Injury Prevention

A GSR has the knowledge and skills to perform a full body examination to identify any potential predisposing factors to musculoskeletal injury and health related disorders. Any muscle imbalances can be addressed as can any incorrect movement patterns. From this knowledge, the patient can be given exercises in order to rectify any incorrect movement patterns by recruiting or strengthening appropriate muscles and offloading those that are overactive/over working.

Running Gait Analysis

A gait analysis is a must-have for all runners in order to reduce their chances of injury and improve their running times. Book in for a gait analysis now for just £25 and receive an in-depth report about which aspects of your running can be improved. By measuring different angles and observing certain movements patterns, we can correct parts of your gait that may be a potential cause of injury or may negatively affect your running economy. From this you will be given advice on how to alter your gait accordingly.Please note this differs from the gait analysis offered in running shops.

We offer a wide range of treatment...

Sport Rehabilitators have graduated with a degree in Sport Rehabilitation, a course of study suitable for them to be recognised as a graduate member of the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers (BASRaT), the United Kingdom professional body for Graduate Sports Rehabilitators.

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling

John completed a dry needling course in October 2012. Similar to acupuncture this involves inserting a fine needle into the skin. It works by providing pain relief by inhibiting your pain signals, as well as reducing muscle tightness by creating a brief contraction called a local twitch response, within any trigger points associated with myofascial pain. This can be used alongside other treatments but can also be given as an individual treatment.